Thursday, February 09, 2006

assignment #1 "Young and the restless" treatkaipat

This story your all about to read is about this young men who just recently graduated from high school and had to move on to his menhood.

Felish K Rolove was a student of Craddle bay high school, who had just graduated and had to go out of his parents house and had to find himself a job to start supporting his own needs, but at the sametime it was hard for him because he was taking up college courses right out of high school while he just happened to find a job as a gas attendant at a small gas station, where he had to work 40 hours each week, but he was lucky enough that he could work out his working schedule with his manager so he could have time to his college courses too, but it was still hard for him because he still had to make up time for him to study for each classes and also to take time off to rest and free his mind from his stress each day. As each day passes Felish was doing well in college and still managing to complete the hours he needed to work as a gas attendant. Then as 6 years has goneby felish had completed the classes he needed to recieve his masters in his majoring Criminal Justice where he later then entered into the police force and so soon he became the police captain which his parents were so shock and amazed with all that he had accomplished for the past years when he first graduated from high school. A few years later Felish had transfered out of the police force and became a supremme court judge, he then became a successful men and he lived happily through out his years being a judge.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Welcome to my own blog

Welcome my fellow learning mates to my very own blog. Hi, I'm treat kaipat taking courses here in NMC. I hope we all open up and get to know eachother before the semester ends. I also hope my blog doesn't bored you from reading it. Please everyone write back if i write or wrote anything to you, and don't be ghetto... much love and bless you all...